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A million pound competition for alternative ideas against ocean waste

Gyanmandu: The 192 countries with a coast bordering the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans, or Mediterranean and Black seas, produced 2.5 billion tonnes of waste in 2010. Of this, an estimated 275 million tonnes was plastic, and 31.9 million tonnes was mismanaged coastal plastic waste. An estimated 8 million tonnes of this plastic waste enters the Ocean every year.Global plastics consumption is predicted to grow dramatically, to reach 400 million tonnes a year by 2025. Taking a major step and encouraging the global population a £1m competition is held to create a global community of problem solvers who are passionate about bringing their ideas to life in order to stem the tide of plastic pollution.

Entrants must focus on designing alternatives to single-use plastics and seeking ways industry can tackle plastic waste.A £1m competition has been launched to find ways to save the oceans from plastic pollution.Sky and National Geographic have joined forces by backing a search for proposals that "accelerate and scale up ideas", organisers said.Entrants are being challenged to focus on designing alternatives to single-use plastics, identifying ways industry can tackle plastic waste through supply chains and communicating the problem through data visualisation.The prize for the best suggestions in The Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge is a share of $1.5m (£1.16m) in awards and investment.The deadline for entries is 11 June, with the winners being announced in December.

"National Geographic and Sky Ocean Ventures are excited to work with competition winners to help create new technologies, business models and other solutions that will bring us one step closer to achieving a planet in balance."

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