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All New Galaxy A50 & A30:Mid-range models with premium aspects

Samsung Galaxy A30 on the left whereas Galaxy A50 on the right

 After unveiling the greatest model of samsung the S10, a foldable phone and a 5G, Samsung stunned the globe. Since these models being at the tech pinnacle of the Samsung, it has few other tricks up their sleeve. Samsung is't done yet and is  unveiling it's mid range models in the market with the aim of providing the customers a premium experience. Hence at MWC 2019 Samsung unveiled the all new Galaxy A series. The new Galaxy A series will release two new handsets: Galaxy A30 & Galaxy A50 as for now. Samsung is intending to go further economic by launching a cheaper model, Galaxy A10.

The major specifications of Galaxy A50 are:

The major specifications of Galaxy A30 are:

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