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City Break: A quick visit to the Chandragiri Hills Ltd.

-Bikram Bhattarai

Gyanmandu: The busy streets of Kathmandu, an everlasting traffic and the pollution gets in your everyday routine rising up to your nerves. Rumbling round and round in the pollution, the busy schedules we’ve set and the rush  we forget to look upto the horizon, appreciate whats’ been there since the dawn of time from the times immemorial. We forget what Kathmandu has always offered us, the embrancing hils, the edgy cliffs whistling the sounds of mother nature smiling with the glorious mountains as her crown. From expansive views to mountains standing in full glory Chandragiri Hills have abundance of panoramic views to offer. The Annapurnas lost within the soothing embrace of clouds to the ever shining proudness of  Everest, the everlasting aroma of history in the air mingling with the cultural hint one forgets the exaggerated existence hustling and bustling around them.
  Little bit of traffic here, a little bit of traffic there, few kilometres a little drive through and just a few steps ahead sits Chandragiri hills. Just arriving here you feel a sudden change in the climate, calmness to your heart and the ambiance of positive vibes. The proud chandragiri hills carry the voyage of unification, the conquering and the lamentations of the old kings, history starts to unfold with the blowing air. Tickets, A few check ins and you re good to go, ride the calm and cosy cable car. You rise up with the rising hills of chandragiri giving you an admirable view of the fascinating Kathmandu valley. One forgets the 10 minutes ride, when they are bewitched with the charms of chandragiri. Roam around, ease a little bit get around with the enthralling surrounding, the height, the steeps, the cliffs, the breezing cold air, the temperature, the food stalls, the restaurants and more importantly the divine Bhaleshwor Mahadev temple.
Residing as the crown Jewel of the Chandragiri, Bhalewhwor Mahadev temple is the legend enrolled with the traditional hint of Nepalese art, culture and the valuable norms we have faith in. Obtaining the blessings from the temple, head towards the fine restaurants with quality cuisines and even better the enchanting views. Sipping a cup of coffee on the very top, KTM valley floating beneath the feet of every visitor, relishing the finer things in life one conquers the fears and the self limiting beliefs. The spectacular view of the himalayas lost in the abyss, the deeper blues in the sky and the valley with it’s extricating aura, the view tower provides your heartfelt needs. One of the fascinating attractions of Chandrgiri is the must say view tower. The oozing children with the recreational joyness they felt, watch them play get lost the wanderlust is simply precious.

Snapping every corners of the hills, capturing the mountains and breathing in the fresh air one simply gets lost in the realm of heavenly myths. Once has never been enough visiting the hills, the eyes can’t behold the grandeur Chandragiri has to offer. One can’t fit the serenity of Chandragiri in one glance, coming over and over is the must in every one’s wishlist who have been here. But presenting you with the composure of tranquility Changragiri is proud to present the Chandragiri Hotel, with the purpose of better hospitality values. One can experience the true mystics and the other dimensional aspects of Chandragiri Hills. The Hotel proudly presents you with the vastness of humbleness and an eternal space to bring out the coziness of the home.
From the exciting cable car ride to the restaurants with the dazzling views, the divinity and the diversity, Chandrgiri Hills Ltd has much to offer. Building well to your needs and desires you find a sooting embrace of hospitable shopping areas and the playzones. The famous chandragiri fountains are enough to ease off one’s existing stress. Chandragiri Hills Limited is creating a versatile representation to not just the scenic beauties but building it to the comfort and ease of various Nepalese widening as the better outlook towards tourism. The existing attractions to the visionary plans Chandragiri hills has been giving their all towards the development and upliftment of Nepalese ethnicity and recreation.

    Just an evening stroll in the locals with the camera in your hand, you become aware of just how much you love the ambience of Kathmandu and residing on it’s top is the Chandragiri hills painted with the background of The Himalayas and the hills wrapping the valley lost in the warmth joyfulness.

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