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FIFA19 Esports Championship event in KTM


The biggest Esports event of Nepal FIFA 19 Championship is going to take place on March 1-3 in Kathmandu. Gaming Garage Nepal, a gaming event management and game station are the ones to bring this Championship evolving the modern era gaming championship in the town.

This event is a three day planner which is expected to draw out a minimum of 512 participants who will compete each other in a knockout game of FIFA 19 with the Playstation 4 console. The knockout match is supposed to last for 12 minutes. Civil Mall is the event venue, where the winner will receive a whooping amount of Rs.1,50,000 whereas the 1st and 2nd place finisher will get Rs.75,000 and Rs.30,000 respectively. Rs.10,000 will be awarded to the 4th place winner. The Championship has no losers cause each quarter finalist will be getting a sum of Rs.5,000 and the pre quarter finalist will be awarded with Rs.2,000. 

Esports is a form of organised multiplayer video game competitions. Gaming Garage Nepal CEO and Founder Dipankar Dangol said the event will help put pressure on the stakeholders in regulating Esports in Nepal. Hoping to upgrade the gaming perspective and to change the conservative mentality of we Nepalese people CEO Dangol emphasized on the aspect of Esports and it's outlook in reaching the Olympic Sport. He further added the implementation of government bodies to regulate this sport and secure the future of gaming. He hopes on bringing a change by organising such major events and building the enthusiasm of the Nepalese gamers.

The British College being the title sponsor of the tournament. Joey Foster Ellis, The British College Principal, said the event was going to be a good platform in enabling Nepal to get a breakthrough in the global Esports. This being just a first step. He said they are eyeing for many more Egaming in the near future targeting to send players representing Nepal in the events like South Asian Games, Asian Games, Olympics and many more international championships.

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