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A smartphone with Qwerty Keyboards


Going back a decade before, we had the qwerty keyboards on the mobile phones. However, touchscreens quickly became a more popular input method and sliding keyboards became a thing of the past. Despite this, many of us never lost our attachment to physical keyboards or sliders and now they’re back. 

A London-based company called Fxtec wants to bring real keyboards back to Android smartphones. The company’s objectives basically revolves around updating the classic tech of yesterday's year for today’s demands. During Mobile World Congress, it showed off its first phone, the horrendously named Fxtec Pro1, with a display that hides a sliding landscape QWERTY keyboard. 

The Fxtec Pro1 has a classic 64-key physical keyboard that slides out from underneath the standard touchscreen. Apart from this old-school touch, it's a relatively modern handset, running the latest version of Android (9.0, aka Pie), sporting an OLED display, and cameras capable of 12MP photos and 4K video recording, all at a $650 price point. It's a pitch aimed at a very specific niche, folks who like everything about modern smartphones except the on-screen keyboard.

The other major featrures of Fxtec Pro 1 are:

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