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Barcelona leads in the Spanish Cup:Victory against Rayo Vallecano


The Spanish La Liga Football Cup's leading Club Barcelona defeats Rayo Vallecano with a staggering victory of 3 goals against 1 in their own homeground on Saturday.  Barcelona came in from behind after Raul De Tomas gives lead with a goal in 24 minutes from Rayo Vallecano  Gerard, forming up Piqué from Barcelona gives the first goal in 38 minutes and Lionel Messi takes away the lead with a goal from penalty in 51 minutes. The match was finally settled with the excellent scoring by Luis Suarez in 82 minutes. Barcelona gives a comforting look towards the scoreline as it still emerges valorous in the La Liga Matches. Rayo Vallecano has been able to win 4 of the total 35 matches againts Barcelona in the La Liga meet.

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