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Basanta Utsav(Holi): The Grandstand of all out colour joy


Wandering often one realizes on the fact that there are nearly as many festivals for us, every festivity with a certain distinct aspect and inaugurations, symbolising an essential ethic and dictates the very values and norms which are welcoming a pleasant dogma of the tender craziness comprising of joy and smiles on everyone’s  face. Holi comes from a major background of smearing colours of joys and is the significance of good over evil, forgetting and forgiving. Holi is all there for tending to the broken bonds, relationships, associations and correspondence to tie in good with a common lineage and fun unlimited. The occurrence of Holi varies every year depending on the Hindu calendar, but it always happens at the beginning of Spring to signify good over evil, the end of winter and the arrival of spring. People chasing each other in the streets, fields, temples and buildings, armed with packets of dry powdered paint and splattering random people from head to toe in colours. And it’s really freaking fun. The best part about Holi is the fact that everyone has a smile on their face, whether they are enjoying the company of their friends or chasing foes around the street. Holi is celebrated in the month of Phalgun on full moon day according to Hindu calendar as the “Festival of Colours”as well as "Fagu Purnima".
Hindu mythology refers Holi as a religious ritual to be celebrated to burn the inner demon one has hidden deep and dark. Holi has a reference described to be celebrated over the triumph of  good over evil and stands righteous since holi has desecrated more guilt, blame, sorrow, grief, sin and every other iniquity every year with each gentle touch of vibrant colours to your soul, body and mind. The radiancy of the festival is what brings positivity in our lives and Holi being the festival of vibrancy does add uprightness, integrity and principalities of dignity with every smudge of colour to your face. Differences of any sort are drowned in the colours of Holi. Holi is a famous festival of the Hindu people and is widely adored in every part of Nepal, India and few of the Asian countries and seemingly disperse to give a hint in the western world as well with utmost joy and the spirit of enthusiasm. Holi gets us close to our religion and our mythology as it is essentially the celebration of various legends associated with the festival.
Holi has been celebrated in Nepal from the times unknown may be even from the very start and popularity of the celebrations seems to be uprising by every passing year and so is the level of the piercing emotions. We Nepalese sure do know how to celebrate, letting go of every unpleasantries and going deep with the fancy flow of the liberty that Holi gives, letting one loose for a moment and enjoying the hidden crazy self. People come out of their house and smear each other with bright shades of colours & colouful waters. People also dance in the beats of Holi songs and popular folk music. Exchange of holi gifts, snack hampers, dry fruits and greeting cards are also found. Children particularly enjoy the festival as they throw water filled balloons at passersby and if anybody stares they are ready with their coolest answers that evokes a smile on the irritated face. Besides, don’t forget about the water missiles they have got. These are the kick ass guns to drench one from top to bottom with their loveable water colours of holi. Nepal celebrates holi for two day, first day of holi is celebrated among the hilly and the himalayan regions whereas on the second day the people of Terai welcome it with it’s one of a kind attraction and the beautiful variation of colourful plays and acts. Several places in Nepal witness magnanimous bonfires to welcome the festival with gratitude of warmth and high spirit. 

One can’t forget about the totally awesome wildness as everyone dances to the rhythm of extreme devotion and the virtue of being truthful despite one’s independent craziness. An ambiance of positive vibes comprising of  every whispers to loud shrieking musics, the crazy dance moves to the feeling that lets go of every other grief inside as well, there are many-many more ways in which Holi is celebrated. Different states, different cities and different villages have come out with their unique and innovative styles of playing Holi. It may not be possible to describe all of them at one place. What is noteworthy though is the fact that the spirit of Holi remains the same throughout. All Nepal gets in the colourful mood for Holi ready to begin a new spring and welcome a whole new year.
The colour, noise and entertainment that accompanies the celebration of Holi bears witness to the lesson of spiritual and social harmony. Each colour carries a meaning of love , fertility, care, share, bond and the new beginning. Each colour has significance, religious or otherwise. Every street and every corner of Nepal has a story of their own Holi-all you have to do is listen because it has always been traditions, cultures and celebrations that truly bring everyone close and together. But most importantly, Holi is the day when you see the streets and houses of every Nepalese doused in almost every colour imaginable. And the colours of Nepal, though diverse speak the language of the people. Celebrating the occasion in great revelry and belief, where every Nepalese wills on painting the skies and the streets in the magnificent colours of joy, Gyanmandu and Scientific Learning Center(SLC) wishes you a prosperous and a very HAPPY HOLI. We hope this Holi adds more colours to you life.

-Bikram Bhattarai

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