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Modern problems:Havocs of PUBG


It's the age of technology, people tend to rely more on tech rather than any other aspects. These tech have slowly grown to be an essential part in our lives. Being without a gadget in the palm would be unimaginable for some us. On the other hand tech has been growing so immensely that it certainly should be bonded with new rules and laws. We are being so obsolete by the day, as every thing seems to rely on technology.

Since every thing seem to have an impact with it's innovation and creation in the modern world like ours. Developing with the gamings, the virtual realities, artificial intelligence and many more on the process of being innovated that a child grows with a tablet in his hand. This increasing impacts on youths and children has been growing weird and weirder. As per the recent context, a youth in India drinks acid instead of water busy playing the game PUBG.

In the recent news a young man from Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh was so busy with his game in PUBG that he picked up the glass of acid instead of a bottle of water and drank it. He was however rushed soon to hospital where surgery was performed in his intestines. His condition seems to be stable now. You may find several news on the basis on this particular game's craze. A man in Malaysia reportedly left his four months pregnant wife and child so that he could play PUBG without any interference.

People tend to get addictive to the game soon enough. People start playing the game all night long, they start neglecting their work, business and studies. People become so addictive that they ruin their relationships and career.

Meanwhile, Vellore Institute of Technology, Gujarat government also issued a notice banning the game in all primary schools. In the most recent case, an 18-year-old boy in Mumbai allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself after being denied a smartphone to play the game.

The Chinese gaming giant Tencent on Friday announced new curbs on underage video-game. Tencent said it had imposed a digital lock on some games that requires players under 13 years to ask their guardians to open. The new restriction will be piloted for the Chinese versions of the two hit games "Honor of Kings" and "PUBG Mobile".

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