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NCL Women T-20 Cricket League: Auction starts on Sunday

Nepal's first ever Women franchise cricket league NCL Women T-20 cricket league is going to be held on the Baijnathpur Cricket Ground, Biratnagar from the 7th to 14th of Baishak, 2076. Players are being actioned on Sunday for the League.

The thrill was added when NCL Sports Pvt Ltd unveiled the teams, marquee players and owners for the upcoming National Cricket League (NCL) Women’s Twenty20 Cricket League on March 18, 2019.Biratnagar Roaring Lioness, Bhairahawa Queens, Dhangadhi Wonder Women,Kathmandu Super Champions are the teams that will be playing at the NCL Women’s Twenty20 Cricket League.Nepal women cricket aces Rubina Chetri, Sita Magar Rana, Nary Thapa and Karuna Bhandari are the four marquee players selected through a lucky draw.Chetri will be a part of Bhairahawa Queens, Magar will be representing Dhangadhi Wonder Woman, Nary Thapa in Kathmandu Super Champions and Bhandari will be representing the Biratnagar Roaring Lioness.

Actor Rekha Thapa owns Kathmandu Super Champions, Biratnagar Roaring Lioness is owned by Anup Saxena, Bhairahawa Queens being owned Anil Bhandari and Deepak Subedi and finally Hari Khanal owned the Dhangadhi Wonder Woman.

The infamous action will be held according to the categorised hierarchy of the players. Group A will be enlisting the players who are able to mark their place in the National Team in past 2 years and are rated between NPR 40,000-NPR 70,000 whereas Group B will be listed with the players who played outside the national team in the past 2 years rated from the range of NPR 25,000-NPR 50,000 and finally Group C enlists the players who were eligible with their standards in the district and club matches and will have a monetary rate starting from NPR 15,000- NPR 25,000. 

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