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Stan:The Parking Robot

Parking and being obedient about the parking spaces has been a major issue in the growing urban scenario. Shortage of parking, growing visitors and the congested habitat of the vehicles has been an utmost mismanagement of the everyday physically changing population. 

However, a French startup called Stanley Robotics, has built a parking robot, a new take on the idea: a little robot tug that tows your car around a parking lot and decides where to park it. The autonomous electric-powered bot is named Stan. The company acclaims that in a standard parking lot, a Stan could create 50 percent more parking spaces by placing cars more efficiently. The parking robot Stan is capable of pulling a car up to 20 feet in length and handling a 3-ton load. The company debuted Stan in the parking lot of the airport in the French city of Lyon on March 14. At the airport, 500 parking spaces are being dedicated to Stanley Robotics. With the apparent success, the company hopes to expand to 6,000 parking spots at the airport soon.

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