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Successfully conducting an International Seminar:AIMT Training & Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Evaluating, analysing, deciding and implementing the very conscious matter and reasoning are often very disturbing in one's life, even stronger seem to be with the students. Deciding an aim, living upto  the expectations, working smart and being innovative, student require our utmost attention and interactions in living their dreams and growing to achieve it gradually. Being a guideline and helping students and motivating youth, Asian Institute of Management and Training(AIMT) PVT. Ltd conducted a successful seminar targeting the enthusiast youngsters and motivating them to use their optimum capabilities.
AIMT Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd in association with International youth society has successfully accomplished International seminar on "Mindfulness: Mind to Mind Management" on 3rd March, 2019 at the Indreni complex, New Baneshwor.
Selisha Chhetri, Managing Director of AIMT Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd added that the program could never have been organised  without the support of Gyanmandu itself, Nepal Police, Nightangle School, Scientific Learning Centre and Mero consultancy. 

As per the participants, the program was really interactive and very productive. Students were able to learn making mistakes isn't bad, eventually those errors build up a foundation to shape and educate them. AIMT Training Solutions consider themselves the very first company to introduce Mindfulness among students and Gyanmandu would also like to extent it's gratitude to AIMT for associating and accomplishment of the program with more than 100 students. The seminar was successfully conducted with the eminent speaker Dr. Richard Jenkins.

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