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The Apple watch that monitors your Heart

Dipping into some basic heart health through the previous smartwatch, giving users a high heart rate notification and resting heart rate stats, the Apple Watch Series 4 will now feature medical grade accuracy through ECG monitoring. Things have ramped up considerably with the new Series 4 and watchOS 5. Get a look at the basics, such as your workout stats, calorie burn, active minutes, the all-new heart rate monitor will work to provide atrial fibrillation detection, low heart rate detection and provide details on heart rate rhythm. The Apple Watch is also watching your heart rate for signs that aren't quite so healthy. Users will receive notifications when the Apple Watch detects your heart rate rising above, for example, 120 beats per minute when you appear to be inactive, which can be a sign of atrial fibrillation. The data pulled in and presented on the Apple Watch is also expanded on the iPhone. Moving on from heart data tracked through various exercise, you're also able to grab a deeper look at your resting rate, walking average and overall heart rate on the iPhone. Building up the sense of security a bit further apple has our back on maintaining our health as well as our heart.
The major features of the Series 4 Apple Watch are:

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