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The Nepalese Sacrifice in Peacekeeping:5th country to contribute most troops


 One who is never bent, one who always been brave, one who has sovereignty and patriotism in their heart, those who never fear are the Nepalese Soldiers, standing still and proud like Everest with  the courage to overcome any hurricanes. The Nepalese Gurkhas has been renowned all over the world. Our gallantry, sincerity and courage made us the bravest of the brave. Although being a peaceful as well as a peace loving country Nepal never seizes to surprise us with our contribution and sacrifice, the efforts that are made in keeping the peace within the nation and in maintaining the stability within the whole wide world. Although being a small country in terms of geography, Nepal being the 93rd never does fall behind in lending troops and forever contributing to the UN Peacekeeping. We Gurkhalis should be filled with immense  proudness since Nepal has been ranked 5th in contributing troops to help maintain the UN Peacekeepings. We are very appreciative and respect the sacrifices made by our soldiers.  
Nepal has been an active participant of the UN Peacekeeping agendas and operations over the course of half century. Nepalese troops played an essential part in maintaining the peace order in Kosovo, Lebanon, Somalia, Congo, Sierra Leon, East Timor and many more. Many Nepalese soldiers are deployed in major conflicting areas of the world as Peacekeeping Forces of UN. Nepal has been making substantial contribution to the UN peacekeeping operations since, 1958 A.D.

The striking sacrifices and valorous acts of Nepalese Army has earned them a great scale of reputations all around the globe. The Nepalese Army has been focusing on supporting the democratic institutions and preserve the military ethics & include respect for human rights. The valiant Nepalese army undertaking duties and responsibilities stand forever glorified by their voyages of sacrifices and contribution but not by the formalisation of the title.  

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