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The World's First Exascale Super Computer

Exascale computing refers to computing systems capable of at least one exaflops, or a billion billion (i.e. a quintillion) calculations per second. One that will be considered as a great achievement in the computer engineering since it exceeds the barrier of a super computer performing at the speed of hundreds of petaflops. Supercomputers measure their performance in flops, or calculations per second, our laptop or desktop is likely capable of several teraflops, or trillions of calculations per second whereas the top performing super computer IBM’s AC922 Summit, at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, is the reigning champion as the world’s fastest supercomputerWith a peak speed of 200 petaFLOPs, Summit can perform 200 million billion calculations per second. But the big target in supercomputer construction right now is building the first exascale computer, capable of a quintillion calculations per second. Such a computer would be a million times faster than a typical desktop and could dramatically advance scientific and artificial intelligence research. The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) has awarded Intel Corporation and Cray a $500 million contract to build the world’s first exascale computer as a exaflop computer named Aurora will be built at Argonne National Laboratory. To be delivered by 2021, this exascale computer, called Aurora, is described on paper as the fastest and most advanced supercomputer in the world.

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