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AFC U-19 Women's Championship: Nepal vs Australia today in Myanmar

In the first match of the second phase of the selection under the AFC U-19 Women's Championship, Nepal is competing with the team Australia. Nepal will face Australia in the first match with its goal to perform excellent in second phase. Nepal and Australia will play at 3:15 pm according to Nepali time in the Mandalar Thiri Stadium in Myanmar.

The group 'A''s strongest team Australia will come against Nepal, with Nepal's hope to last the match till draw against the rivals. It shall be quite a moment for 160th ranking Nepal if they stops the 41st ranked Australia of the FIFA series. Nepal shall play to their utmost capabilities while hoping to win against the ferocious Australian Women.

Nepalese team practiced a week in China will come to the ground with high morale. Nepal practiced in, China, played a game with China's Sichuan state U-15 female team and the U-18 team of the Chandu state.

The top team of the qualifiers will make their place at AFC U-19 Championships. Nepal became the runner up in the first phase of the championship held in Thailand to advance to the second phase. Nepal collected a total of 6 points playing 3 different matches.

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