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Atlanta advances to the finals with the 2-1(5-4 agg) victory over Fiorentina

Atlanta has entered the final of the Coppa Italia football. In the second leg of the semifinals on Thursday, Atlanta defeated Fiorentina the 2-1 goal in the second leg, with a total of 5-4 victory advancing close to the title.
Luis Fernando Muriel Fruto gave a three minute lead to Fiorentina soon neutralized by Josip LLicic's 14th minute penalty for Atlants. Both team scored a goal for each before the first half ended. The second half is where the things got a little interesting while both team struggled to get score for themselves. But Alejandro Dario Gomez struck out the conclusive goal on behalf of team Atlanta giving it a 2-1 lead against Fiorentina. Earlier, the first leg of semifinals between the two teams was in line with 3-3 goals.

Atlanta shall play against Lazio in the final as a run for the title.

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