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Examination under the Police radar at the Pokhara University

The 154 students at Pokhara University examination presented the examination in the police circle with at least the half numbers of security personnel on Monday. After a hat trick for postponing the examination schedule, the PU affiliated colleges start their examinations from Monday onwards. The protesters were beaten down by the police on Sunday as students objected the very rule for PU letting the students below "D+" be seated in the examination hall. One student was injured in the clash.

The students protested the court decision to allow the students with D+ grade to appear in the examination from early morning. The university operated a large number of security personnel along with the armed police after viewing the block the protesters started which seemed to obstacle the examination of the examinee. Students have shown their rage since few days declining the order Supreme Court issued dictating to the university to permit admitted students with D+ grade to sit for the exam in the management course despite the provision that students should have acquired Grade C to be eligible for enrolment at the Bachelor level in management stream.

Four faculty examinations were examined on Sunday, 10 subjects of undergraduate level examination of management, health sciences and humanities. Students who reached the examination center early morning at once started their remonstration. After finding the complication in the examination centre, the police went ahead. The police arrested 11 students during the chaos and started the examination. The examination called at 7 o'clock began in the mid-seven. The early interference might provoke the mental stress on the student inside the examination while the movement goes out. The students claim the university conducted the examination with guns held to the side of every student. Students ask justification of the test conducted by the guns at the gate. The premise seems quite a mayhem. Students screamed about boycotting the examination tradition held at gun points.

Registrar of the University, Govind Sharma says that the future of 30 thousand students compels them to conduct the examination since the schedule has been postponed for quite a time now. And as per the order of The Supreme Court's order regarding "D+" students, can not be violated by the University and as should it comply. Previously, even though the examinations were supposed to start from Falgun 30, Chaitra 15 and Baisakh 6 was delayed due to the movement.

The University has announced that the examination will be peaceful as were the tests on the first day in all the examination centers by publishing the announcement on Monday. 44 students skip their exam on Monday as the students claimed to have boycotted the exams, saying that the test could not be held between the movement. Under the Health Sciences Faculty 40 of the first year BPH students have boycotted the examination along with 4 BMLT students. The examination of anatomy and physiology were also avoided by the entire first semester students of BPH as they claim to have been deprived of their own examination. The 40 students of BPH have requested the University to demand the arrangement for examination. The controller of examination Mr. Bharatram Dhungana gave utterance on the matter, conveying the examination shall be held only on the next semester under the guides lines of University Policies.

Asmita Adhikari a student of the first year BPH fainted seeing the stressful environment of the University. After she became unconscious, other examinees expressed their disapproval declining to give the examination under the police radar and the tough environment. But the mass of armed personnels excelled the numbers of students. Various struggles have been registered that day on the premise of the Pokhara University. From students claiming to have been obstructed on the gates to the wild fires of the protests, apprehending the young students to

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