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In the Conquest to conquer the Himalayas:300 permitted to climb Mt. Everest along with 12 Nepalese

A total of 616 climbers of 70 groups have got the climbing permission for various mountainous climbs of the country. Tourism Board of Nepal listed 20 mountains along with Sagarmatha (Mt.Everest) as the destined climbs for the climbers of 42 countries countries including Nepal. 

World's highest peak Mt. Everest will be permitted for 12 Nepalese climbers along with 300 others. The Tourism Board mentioned a total of 300 mountaineers from 30 different groups have enlisted themselves for this valorous act till Wednesday. There are 251 male and 49 women of 42 countries, including Nepal, taking the climb. Among whom 6 are Nepalese Men whereas 6 of them are the Nepali Women.

In the summit to Sagarmatha, most are Indians among whom 58 are male and 9 women, a total of 67 mountaineers from India. The conquest for the highest peak will be accompanied by a total of 63 Americans, 59 males & 4 females, a total of 40 Chinese with 30 men & 10 women and a total of 39 British citizens 36 men & 3 women.Whereas Norway has 4 males with 3 females, Japan has 4 males with 2 females and a total of 8 climbers from HongKong and Argentina with 4 male climbers from each country. Sagarmatha has been mountaineered for the purpose of maintaining different records to a wholesome history to be created, titles and praises along with a sheer passion for Mountaineering.

66 mountaineers from 7 different groups are willing on climbing Mt. Lhotse as it is the fourth highest mountain in the world at 8,516 metres. Whereas 41 climbers from 4 groups will be permitted to climb Mt. Ama Dablam, the peak of 6,812 metres. 27 climbers from 2 groups will be climbing the 7,861 metered Mt. Nuptse. The three groups of 23 people will take on Mt. Annapurna elevated to 8,091 meters. Mt. Makalu the fifth highest mountain in the world at 8,485 metres, will be mountaineered by 53 climbers of 4 groups.

The budget has been collected by the ascendants of 20 mountainous climbers along the Sagarmatha by Wednesday, a total of Rs. 39 Crore 15 Lakhs 44 Thousands 145 Rupees. According to the Board, a whooping amount of NPR. 34crore 83 Lakhs 72 Thousands 212 Rupees is collected as the salutation charge from just the mountaineers of Mt. Sagarmatha. 11,000 USD has been charged for the foreign mountaineers whereas 75,000NRP is charged to a Nepali Climber.

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