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Liverpool swept aside Porto advancing to the semi finals

In the second leg of the Champions League Football quarterline, Liverpool defeated AFC Porto 4-1. Leading the widespread difference in the second leg game in Porto's home ground, Liverpool confirmed the match against Spanish mastermind Barcelona in the semifinals. In the second leg of the game, Liverpool took 4-1 results in the final game, with the final result of 6-1.
Sadio Mande gave a headstart for Liverpool with his goal at the 26th minute, ending the first half with a goals' lead for Liverpool against Porto, since either of the teams couldn't contribute much in the first half. Mohamed Salah again took a leading score for Liverpool at the 65th minute of the second half just before Eder Militao who struck out a goal for the host team Porto at the 68 minutes. Liverpool were furiously headed towards the victory and they proved it bagging another goal at 77 minutes via Roberto Firmino. This wan't it, for the Liverpool fans though the match was coming to an end Virgil Van Dijk at the 84th minute gave Liverpool the finishing blow to push it up to the semi finals. Liverpool leading 2-0 from the first leg at Anfield, grabs the victory for 4-1(6-1 aggregrate) against Porto.
Liverpool will now have to face the Spanish team Barcelona at Camp Nou for the semi finals.

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