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Nepal is up for the 2nd match against Myanmar for the Women's Olympic Asia Qualifiers

 The second round of the match between Nepal and Myanmar for the Women's Olympic Asia Qualifiers is timed today at 5:15pm, at the Mandalar Thiri Stadium. Playing a hefty game at the opponent's homeground, Nepal hopes for a win and supposedly a tie up if things do go as per the plan.

The Nepali team's coach Mr. Hari Khadka mentioned he wants the Women's team to take a lead on this game or even a tie up shouldn't be hard if things should go by the order.

In the first legged match Nepal holds off Myanmar with a tied up game ended with a goal on each side. Since, it was the first ever match Nepal has played against Myanmar, Sabitra Bhandari took the lead and a brilliant start but couldn't keep a goal to themselves as Myanmar ended the game with a tie.

Similarly, the recent Hero Women's Cup organised by India, in which Nepal beared a heavy loss against Myanmar who ended up bagging 3 goals, none for Nepal. Again, Nepal took a loss in the Hero Women's Cup finals against Myanmar, the game ended up in 3-1, where Nepal was only able to return a single goal against the defenders who netted 3.

Being the runner up for the SAFF championship, Nepal certainly has a few tricks up their sleves, Nepal wills on showing a great sportsmanship along with a greater enthusiasm and that eager ambition for the victory. Nepal holds 103rd rank on the official FIFA rankings whereas the opponent Myanmar resides at 44.

Nepal ended the first legged match against organizer Mayanmar, India as well as team Indonesia in a tie. Nepal pumped up with the enthusiasm and the vision of victory, will further play a second phase game against team India on 23rd Chaitra and Nepal is expecting a match against Indonesia as well on the 26th. 

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