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“Once Lived and Once Seen has Never Enough Been”

-Bikram Bhattarai

Let’s face it, sometimes, you get stuck in a rut and need some adventure to inspire you. You feel like the whole weight of the world is on your back. Don’t worry, it happens. A life of travel, one discovers that no matter how low you are in life, travel has a way of turning things around. It picks you up, brings back inspiration, and just makes you more thankful for the little things in life. So fell awesome, rejuvenate, get inspired and start living the life you were meant to live, since it’s always been adventures that had filled your soul. Live a life full of adventure as it serves as a great reminder that adventure is also a matter of perspective and outlook. We know while it hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies throughout the year, allow yourself to follow your true passion and calling in life. Explore along the way find the oddest of the places, drown deep in the wonders of nature and find what fits you, some might even deem you crazy but hey it fits right and yep, it works just fine for you.

Adopting and adapting with that sacred pace of nature you bend in weird ways and they still seem beautiful. You reveal your flaws, while nothing is perfect and everything seems so perfect. You then become a soul that blossoms like a flower in the calm essence of spring, you then become the rain with the silver liquid drops, you then have your own flow & you then become you. The glow of one warm adventure takes you the places within yourself, develops the divinity that is within you. You then realise happiness is not something you sum up for the future, it is something you blueprinted for the present, a decorative pattern with hues of lovely memories. Try creating the rainbows out of the clouds that hung above you this whole time. Travel down the one less traveled road that makes the difference. You sometimes have to let your life dance on the edges of a hill, face the storm, defy it if you have to. But grow your dreams into the realms of your imagination, don’t limit yourself. Make yourself infinite, of the adventures you create upon taking that different lane down that one less traveled road.

Despite one’s love for nomadic lifestyle, it isn’t for everyone. Unlike the adventure spirited, some people can’t just pick up everything and go. But that is where lies the beauty of travel. Weather you are going on a year long trip, a weeks holiday or just a drive through the trails of hills touching the flow of fresh gentle air, every experience is worthwhile and is worth the effort.  Be grounded but let your heart soar as high it will, believe in smile, believe in miracles, believe the impossibility, believe in suffer, believe in the stars and the vastness of the heavens but don’t quit believe you are strong when everything else seems wrong. Walk every path there is over a mountain,  follow the bends in the river, reconcile various civilisations, be a stubborn who’s in pursuit to pave his own path. You combine the ultimate luxury of passion, adventure and the little emotions of urges & temptations. Life becomes more interesting with the missteps you’ve taken and the trouble you undertook to undertake the alteration of your own old beliefs.

Instead of dreaming to make your life perfect, give yourself the freedom to make it an adventure. Gyanmandu doesn’t want you to stay in your houses any longer this spring, You must get out & get going. Feel the breath of fresh air deeply once again. Don’t tend to put off living, all you got to do is dream of some magical mountains over the colour of sunset painted throughout the horizon. You then retain your essential rhythm. To the new beginnings of velvety smooth greens, longer luminescence and pleasing air of spring. When it seems like there’s always this yearning for someplace. Just listen to the whispering voice that encourages you to go, see and do.

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