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Ritik Yadav from Xavier International tops the A level exam worldwide

Hritik Yadav, student of Xavier International College, Kalopul, has been the world first in the year's A-Level examination. In the program organised by the British Council at Lalitpur on Friday, Yadav of Xavier International was given the info about his achievement.

He has set the world record giving a leading score in Computer Science & Physics whereas set a record for world's seventh presence in Chemistry as well, worldwide. Certificate was distributed to various excellent students including the World Top in the program.The students of Nepal have brought excellent results in the past as well on the educational program A level, organised under the program "General Certificate of Education(GCE) of the world renowned Cambridge University.

The student of Xavier International have been found top ranked and foremost times before the program. The name of the excellent student of various colleges of Nepal, who are studying A Level, was also publicised in the program.

A Level has the same educational program around the world. It is considered as +2 level educational program in Nepal. As +2 requires two years for the completion, A level is all the same. Class 11 is called AS and 12 classes A2. The program completes after the completion of these two courses.

The University of Cambridge University has conducted high-level examinations in the world, examining the same time and results in the same time. A Level is taken as a flame door to enter the most respected universities of the world.

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