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The final game of the Women Olympic Qualifiers: Nepal vs Indonesia

Nepal's National Women team although being eliminated from the second round of the Asia Olympic Qualifiers is all set to battle against it's new rivals from Indonesia. The final match of the Group A team is set to be held today on 2:45 pm Nepali time.

Nepal and Indonesia both team were unable to secure a win in the last two games each team has played. Even though the teams are eliminate both hope for a win against each other from the match today. Flipping the match to the other side, both team will play the final match for a prestigious sportsmanship since the hope for the title has been cut off from the wish list for both the teams.

Nepal lost a 3-1 match against Myanmar in the first game and was unable to secure a win against India for the same difference in the scores. Niru Thapa gave Nepal a goal each in both the previous matches.

Whereas, Indonesia faced the loss of 0-2 match against India and futher had a humiliating loss against organiser Myanmar as the game concluded 6-0.

Indonesia has the upper rank in the FIFA rankings standing at the 86rd whereas Nepal ranks 103rd. Wining both the matches from Group A team India and organiser Myanmar have been able to gain  equalising points of 6 for each. But Myanmar has been able to ascertain an upper hand where it comes to scoring goals thus secures the top rank.

Between Nepal and Indonesia, Nepal holds the 3rd rank from Group A as it has higher netted goals than rival Indonesia who reside at the 4th.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic, Nepal was able to get a tie of 1-1 goal each for it's rivals Myanmar, India and Bangladesh advancing to the second round of the Asia Qualifiers.

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