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The Unstoppable Gaurika Singh bags four golds on the third day

Olympian Gaurika Singh has won 4 gold medals on the third day of the eight national games while maintaining her excellent rhythm in swimming improvising her own marks and records. She made a national record in one of the 4 matches. With this Gaurika the collects her 8th gold in the tournament at Hotel Cygnett, Nepalgunj. In the tournament, Gaurika broke her own record of 100 meters butterfly improvising her own marks. Gaurika represented Tribhuvan Army Club by participating in the national game for the first time, taking a timing of 1 minute 7.97 seconds while last year, at the 22th National Swimming, she had a record of 1 minute 8.63 seconds in the same event.

Gaurika bagged another gold in 200 meters backstroke with 2 min 41.25 second timing. Police's Anushka Pokharel completed the distance in 3 minutes 0.63 seconds and set the silver while Diya Sthapeet of APF won bronze with timing of 3 minutes 6.47 seconds.

In the 200 meters freestyle, Gaurika won gold with 2 minutes 9.19 second timings. In the last year's competition, she took same timing in the event. In the competition, Dwana Lama, who completed the distance in 2 minutes 18.10 seconds stood second, completing the same distance APF's Tisa Sakya stood third with 2 minutes 26.31 seconds of timings.

Team Army won the gold in four times one hundred meters relay of women. Gaurika Singh, Upaasti Maharjan, Duana Lama and Sofia Shah team set the specified distance in 4 minutes 51.89 seconds. NPC team of Samira Shova Thapa Magar, Ahushka Pokharel, Adipsa Vaidhya and Anushiya Tandukar was second in 5 minutes 24.91 seconds. APF’s Ushka Maharjan, Diya Sthapit, Shreebi Maharjan and Tisa Shakya came third in 5 minutes 43.69 seconds.

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