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Unfortunate Nepal's U-19 all hopes lost for 2020 World Cup after the 1 run defeat against UAE

Playing well is not enough, and luck should be accompanied too. In the absence of fate, Nepalese team has been unable to play the World Cup in 2020. Despite the excellent performance, Nepal Youth team won't be elected for the play. 1 run defeat lost by the D/L Method in the rain hit match against UAE against became a huge loss of opportunity for the Nepalese Youth Team. One of the competitors was the only option to choose for the World Cup & so it became UAE.

In the 4 games played by Nepal, the opposition team did not get any chance to win a huge margin set by the Nepali team. Nepal was able to set a huge margin of 217 run victory over Singapore.The second biggest victory was in Nepal's name. 150 runs victory in the match against Oman as well. Similarly, Nepal teased the 8-8 wickets in equal matches against Malaysia and Kuwait. Nepal's goal of 93 runs against Malaysia was completed in 13 overs, while Nepal's goal of 158 runs by Kuwait was achieved in 28 overs. The first, second and fourth highest score of the competition is in the name of Nepal. Nepal has set the highest score of the competition, 285 runs against Singapore. Likewise, Nepal has made 247 runs as second highest score of the qualifiers against UAE and 229 runs against Oman was the fourth highest score in the season.

Nepal is also the front at Net Run Rate. The UAE net run rate was 2.422 ranking at the first place of the index whereas Nepal had the run rate of 2.948. Perhaps it was a great news for a team who as always settled for a lower Net Run Rate. However, Nepal can't be blamed for the weak performance in-spite it might well have been the weather that day which led in a 1-run defeat lost against the UAE since Nepal could have made a better comeback. The history of Nepal cricket is to be seen never been defeated if the target is over 240 runs.
UAE winning the toss elected to field first where Nepal set a target of 147 runs. UAE lost 3 wickets in 30 overs gaining 122 runs. The game was in favour of Nepal till the 20th over since UAE had to score more than half. But the rain played a game. According to the D/L Method, the UAE was announced as the winner. With this defeat, the possibility of being chosen for the World Cup, Nepal lost all hopes.

The main contenders of the competition were Nepal and UAE. The two-match squad finals were equal. If the entire overtrack was played, certainly the possibility of Nepal was more. However, Nepal was dragged by one run in D/L Method.

There is a gloomy history of Nepal in the first time U-19 play in 2000 World Cup. Nepal has made the seven Great World Cups shocked by the great efforts. The defeat of New Zealand in 2002 was a plate champion, and defeated nations like India, South Africa, Pakistan are some of many displays of Nepalese enthusiasm. Nepal was also hoping to make a place in the World Cup due to the players playing national team this time, but the rainfall became the obstacle.

Nepal made a memorable innings of batting in this tournament. In the World Cup, the batting which Nepal was traditionally weak in, showed more ability of overcoming that particular conception above all teams. The last remaining to openers, everyone contributed to the need.

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