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Women's Champions League

The enthusiasm of the Nepalese Women Cricket Team drains everyday, and the team faces the crisis since the they do not get any chance what so ever to demonstrate their true sportsmanship and the spirit of a true Nepalese Lioness in a field. There aren't any major competitions or events declared for the Nepalese Women's Cricket. But the time has come since two major competitions are goig to be held in the coming days. Although doubts arise after both events collide on a same date. Question arise if there shall be any competition?

The recently announced championship is The Women's Champions League, WCL. This competition will be held in Jesth, from 3rd to 6th, on the grounds of Kirtipur. The competiton will feature five teams and Marquees have been decided as well. Queen Event Management, which had previously conducted Pokhara Premier League will be organizing the championship.

The teams to participate in the tournament are: Pokhara Paltan, Chitwan Rhinos, Biratnagar Titans, Capitals Royal Kathmandu and Lalitpur Falcons.

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