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Australia's new law enforced targeting the Nepali students

The Australian Immigration Department has announced new rules for the Nepali students who have come to study technical education. The Australian government has issued the rules for the first time by targeting only the Nepali students. The new rule has been imposed on May 1. According to the information released by the Australian Home Ministry, students coming to study the technical education should have to fully present all the details of English and their economic potential. This provision was not necessary before this.

The number of Nepalese students who are studying in Australia is excessive, to keep the student number rising and secure the future of the students, this rule has been reported in the information given. Under the Technical studies lie advance diploma, diploma, certificate of different subjects along with three and four technical level topics.

In the issued notice, Nepal is the third largest number of foreign students studying in Australia, although the country is the 47th largest population of the world. This change, which is targeted only to students who are studying in technical education, will not affect the students who are studying higher education (bachelors, masters and above) subjects. In the past, the flow of Nepalsese Students for studying the topics of nursing, accounting, business along with other diploma degree from Nepal has increased.

Counselor of Sydney consultant Sanjeev Pandey said that this change would lead to major change in Visa grants for those of Nepalese who will on travelling to Australia with the medium of tourists visiting Visa and wish to live as a student. He claimed that this change could significantly decrease the number of Nepalese students who are studying in this technological education and can increase visa declines. According to him, at first it was just the educational institutions who further evaluated or saw the English and financial status papers however, after the new rules the immigration personally will investigate the documents.

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