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Barcelona defeats Liverpool 3-0, in the first leg of the Champions League

Spain's Barcelona defeated English Club Liverpool in the first leg of the Champions League Football. Barcelona defeated Liverpool 3-0 goal in the game on Wednesday night at Camp Nou. Captain Lionel Messi scored two goals in the match for Barcelona. Likewise, Luis Suarez did a goal.
Though Liverpool started the game better than the hosts, it was Barca who struck first midway through the first half. Luis Suarez scored the opener against his former team in 26 minutes to give Barcelona the leadBarcelona added two goals in the second half, and both were from Messi. In the 75th minute, Messi walked the ball into the net off a rebound from Luis Suarez. Further he pulled off one of his greatest UCL free kicks with this ridiculous goal in the 82nd minute giving Barca the 3-0 victory against Liverpool. Messi, who scored two goals against Liverpool, has completed 600 goals for Barcelona in his club career. Barcelona was able to create a dominant scoreline which Liverpool shall find hard to digest. 
With three goals against Liverpool, Barcelona has now completed their five hundred goals in the Champions League. With the victory of the first leg, Barcelona has made the possibility to reach the final. The second leg between the two teams will be on the field of Liverpool in Enfield with the winner set to face Ajax or Tottenham in the final in Madrid. Barcelona will be enough with a draw for reaching the finals in that game. Whereas the home team Liverpool has made it necessary for their excellent return.

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