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Chef's Burger: Where food is always hot and delicious

Nothing ever compares to the blissful joy of eating great food. The way you adore your food, the wholehearted anticipation towards your food while it arrives at your table and the way you just look at it resembles your flaws. The depth in your bite describes the purity of your sacred desire and the calm mesmerising essence bursting right in your taste buds gives you a watery tongue right here and now. 

Food however, was never just the eatery, it's the experience that pleases your hunger. Since, it's always been good food and warm kitchen that's fulfils the heart of an empty stomach. With a similar vision to give you an aromatic yet soothing flavours ready to burst the charismatic taste of nourishment Chef's Burger inaugurates this 17th of Jestha, to serve you the delicacies fit for a true and enthusiast foodie, like yourselves. With a commitment of serving quality food near to your favourite spot in town, a quick break to the traditional streets of KTM valley and the aura of Boudhanath circumference invites you to grab a bite out of the new restaurant in town the "Chef's Burger".

Chef's burger is a multi cuisine brand in Nepal founded in 2018. The founder of chef's burger is a group of Nepali chefs who are highly qualified in different cuisine and expertise with local and international luxury brands for several years. The ideas of Chef's Burger is to introduce new concept casual dining restaurant, comprehensive foods with huge range of choices that will be convenient for buyer. Chef's Burger dishes are fresh, healthier, innovative, delicious, fair price, nutritional and well prepared by using only quality ingredients.

The Chefs here and the food they serve, are the heart of Chef's burger. Four Executive Chefs are persistently working in the kitchen every hour of everyday to provide exquisite dishes and communicating each other to ensure all their signature dishes thrive to be the best. The chefs here are precise about the flavours, textures, and appearance with an error free accuracy of detail and fineness. Chef's Burger uses great, fresh and quality ingredients to maintain the concept of healthier, undiscovered and nourishing recipes. 

The germinating vision of Chef's Burger joint compliments the effort and the efficiency of the restaurant as it comprises of teamwork, communication, honesty, experience and the quality they serve, as it always promises and will on forever. Chef 's Burger has always been committed about the food's grade, as it should always maintain the highest quality. Not just a regular junction, the restaurant offers innovative techniques of playing with their flavours that serves an undiscovered platter of amazement.

Chef's Burger is in fact inaugurating a friendly, co-operative, humble and rewarding environment which encourages long-term deliverance of services with the ever growing satisfied customers and the fulfilment of every new tongue's desire. Chef's Burger is attentive towards demonstrating the warmth, efficiency and professional integrity in the field they expertise on. Chef's Burger has an ambition that every customer who enters through the restaurant's doorway shall be guided towards an impressive piece of art, a combination of effort, skill, purity and professionalism so that every customer never just leaves with a full stomach but with a bag full of experience, cosiness and the appealing taste of Chef's Burger.

Chef's Burger welcomes you to join the inauguration of the "Chef's Burger" restaurant on the 17th and 18th of Jestha, situated at Boudha, Kathmandu. Experience the flavours of fine cuisine, friendly staff, cozy environment along the hot & delicious foods they promise. 

Chef's Burger a vision fueled by passion that connects you to your animal spirit of food.

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