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Educational fee increase: Metropolitan withdrawal, the schools do not change

School classification and fee monitoring committee of Metropolitan Municipalities along with the meeting held on February 4(Falgun 26, 2075) decided to increase the fees for private schools. On the basis of unforeseen accelerated fees, the prosecutor has expressed their oppositions. Concerns claimed the schools are drawing a lot more fees than they should be. A total increase without a substancial reason, opposers made the Metropolitan swallow back their own decision. The body to follow were also accused of being irresponsive to the following matter by the concern members of Nepal Guardian Association.

After the protest of the decision, the Metropolitan Municipal Corporation has left behind the decision of the increase in fees of the private and institutional schools. The Kathmandu Metropolitan Municipality has declined the declaration of the right to determine fees as per the 'Education Act-2075' and 'School Education Behavioral Rules-2074' issued for management of school education since it is the Municipal Executive who determines these aspects of institutional matters. For the educational session of 2076, Rs. 3,149 for the 'C' classified institutions, Rs. 3,762 for 'B' classified institutions and Rs. 4,373 is supposed to be the maximum fee amount declared for the 'A' classified institutions.

Although the Kathmandu Metropolitan Municipality decided to withdraw the fees, the schools inside the metropolis did not care about it. The meeting of the Education Committee held under Mayor Vidya Sundar Shakya on 24th April(12 Baishak) had decided to withdraw almost 60 percent increase in school fees. After the protest, the committee rejected the decision quoting only the Metropolitan Municipality had the right to charge the fee according to the Education Act and School Education Management Rules-2074. But until the correct decision was taken by the Metropolitan Education Committee all schools had increased the fees. Currently, the schools are charging the same increase amount to the parents and students saying that the schools have not received a letter from the Metropolitan Government while Municipality Education Department, said that the publication had already published the decision of refund of the charge immediately in Gorkhapatra daily. Earlier, The metropolitan did not even correspond to increase the fees to the schools. The school should withdraw the fees on the basis of the information published in Gorkhapatra.

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