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Nepal celebrates the 130th International Labour Day

Every dawn of a day aspires to end in the lap of the velvety smooth gentle dusk of shading sun. Every rising aspirations of that particular day, will on to have a sheer & absolute ambition of a superior tomorrow. The passion then compels a dream and the dream further drives you to achieve a goal. Hence come the valorous and brave workers who act as the warriors of the triumph. International Labour Day is hence celebrated for marking the nobles who helped, aided and assisted to the cause of better and finer tomorrow. 

International Labour Day  also known as May Day or International Workers' Day celebrates the struggle, dedication and commitment of the working class and is an annual public holiday in several countries along with Nepal. While many of us know it as an extra off day at work, very few are aware of its origins. International Labour Day is celebrated to honour the contribution of working men and women.

The genesis of this day is in the labour union movement in the United States in the 19th Century, when industrialists exploited the labour class and made them work at least 15 hours a day. The movement involved protests that delivered a strong blow to the cycle of exploitation and made eight hour working days a reality. On 1 May, 1886, Chicago and a few other cities were the site of a major union demonstration in support of the eight hour workday demand. 

The 130th International Labor Day is celebrated with various programs and major events in Nepal. Labour organization in various political parties organized various programs, marking the celebration May 1. The government of Nepal has given public leave on the day as it symbolises and represents the true and utter strength along with the struggle Nepal has overcame various hindarances of development and sustainability over these years with the unremarkable aid and assistance of the working clan. This day marks the positive reforms Nepal assembled over the course of time with a hand lended by every labour and the sweat of every man/women's brow.
An official holiday, people chose to mark the occasion by celebrating the accomplishment of workers. Labor Day may not be one in which people actively celebrate an occasion, but it does give working people a much needed respite, which is equally important. Therefore, Gyanmandu would like to express a sheer portion of gratitude and appreciation towards the brave and bold men and women who help reform, re-establish & refine the aspects of an unstable methodology toward shaping the gentle touch future embraces us with. 

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