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Now learning in your own mother tongue, Khas Language Textbooks

Tatopani Rural Municipality becomes the first of the eight local level government in Jumla district to produce its own textbooks in the local Khas language. The Rural Municipality has started printing textbooks of Grade 1 to 3 in the local Khas language.

A per Chairman Nawaraj Neupane of the rural municipality, with the new books the municipality is planning to begin classes in Khas language from mid May. He further added that the historical, religious and local language style of the mother tongue of the locals has been included in the textbooks.The printing of books for Grade 4 and 5 has however been delayed, as the writing of the books took more time. He shared that the Khas language will now be a medium for education in all the community schools in the rural municipality. Currently there are 28 community schools in the Rural Municipality.

Tatopani hence becomes the first of the eight local level governments in Jumla to produce its own text books and in local mother tongue.

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