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Sipradi becomes the prestigious champion from the International Distributor Award 2018

Since 1982, Sipradi Trading Pvt Ltd acting as the sole official distributor of TATA Motors,India, has received the prestigious 'Year Distributor' award for the year 2018 in the International Distributor Conference organized by UAE in Dubai. The success achieved by Sipradi, the company said, is a symbol of identity and recognition of the specific performance of the company. Evaluating the work of the distributors around the world with high appreciation for successful distributors to perform specific tasks various prizes were organized in the conference organized every year. Apart from the prestigious award of the Best Distributor of the Year, Sipradi has been awarded with the titles of Distributor of the Year to introduce the new product, Best customer service. It has been successful to achieve other ten prizes of various genres. This achievement and success are the trust and faith of the customers, hard work of all employees, honesty and support of communication houses and without support it was not possible says the firm.

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