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Standard Chartered Bank Nepal reported a 11.63% rise in net profit in the third quarter of FY 2075/76

Standard Chartered Bank Nepal has published third quarter report of Fiscal Year 2075/76 based on Nepal financial reporting standard (NFRS). It has reported increase in net profit by 11.63% in the comparing period. Standard Chartered Bank. has reported net profit of Rs.1.73 arba in Q3 which was Rs.1.55 arba in the same period of last fiscal year.

The Standard Chartered bank has collected deposit Rs. 70.81 arba in Q3 of FY 2075/76 from Rs.60.71 arba in Q3 of last Fiscal year. The bank’s deposit rises by 14%. The bank had extended Rs.53.46 arba in loan and advances which was Rs.45.17 arba in same period of last fiscal year. loans and advances have also increased by 18.34%. It has made net interest income of Rs. 2.55 arba in Q3 from Rs.2.39 arba in Q3 of last fiscal year 2074/75. The net interest income of the bank has also increased by 6.52%. 

The bank has made personnel expenses of Rs.76.90 crore in Q3. It's other operating expense is Rs. 37.37 crore in Q3. The bank has posted operating profit of Rs.2.46 arba from Rs.2.20 arba in the corresponding quarter of last year. The bank’s paid up capital stands at Rs 8.01 arba with Rs 6.18 arba as its reserve. The Non-Performing Loan (NPL) stands at low of 0.2%.In the third quarter, the annualized EPS of the bank stands at Rs 28.87. The net worth per share stands at Rs 177.18 and qtr end PE ratio stands at 20.47 times.

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