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Ten Charging Stations to be opened in different places of the valley for electrically driven vehicles

The Nepal Electricity Authority has set up a charging station with the objective of promoting electrical rides. In the first phase, the process has been made to set up charging stations in 10 different places in Kathmandu. It can also charge heavy vehicle including buses as well. The Authority has issued a notice and urged the Commercial Complex, Cinema Hall, Super Market, Park, University, Government Body, Hotel, Hospital to provide location for station building in the main parts of the city. In particular, the first installation of the "DC Boost Charging Station" are to be located in the most challenging and crowed urban areas. The authorities view to install the stations among the most motor crowed commercial sites in the city. It will increase the number of people going to such places which definetly benefits such organizations, along with the charging station facility provided.

A spot where three cars can be charged easily and wide enough up to park 50 cars can be considered an ideal site for the station implant. Currently, in the first phase, 10 Charging stations along with their control rooms are planning to be built with an investment of 10 million rupees. Describing the charging station equipment, a bid will be called within a few days for purchase. A plan has been passed out for installing the 10 charging stations within 6 months inside the valley. Currently, there are 600 electric rides in Kathmandu that are charged up in their corresponding residence.

This feature will build up confidence among the user of electric riders and encourages to use and maintain green rides. For immediate instant, there is a plan to provide charging facility in the same rate of Safa Tempos. The government has not yet specified a separate charging fee for the purpose of personal purpose. The new fee can be determined after the formation of the Electricity Regulation Commission.

A charging station to be installed now will have three different charger logges in the different port. They will be 50-50 kW ports. Three rides can be charged at a charging station at once. Such charging stations will be connected to the same smart control system. The station will build all the controls that can be managed and administered from the room. The authorities are even visioning about creating an app that will guide you to reserve a schedule for charging your vehicle. You can charge your vehicle at the precise time of your reservation.

Authorities say that the power generation will be started in the process of use of electric vehicles while the 456 MW electricity generation will begin from the Upper Tamakoshi hydropower project from next fiscal. The authority to end the power tariff has been emphasizing that the alternative of petroleum products should be initiated from the state and citizen level in the purchase and use of electronic vehicles. The Authority will set the charging station for electrical rides in various places of Kathmandu for their first phase. After Kathmandu, there is a plan to connect such stations in place of Pokhara, Chitwan, Biratnagar and Nepalgunj.

The use of electronic vehicles is being given special attention only when the country's largest financial year is spent on import of petroleum products.

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