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The government initiates to sign bilateral labour agreements with Turkey and Poland

The government has initiated the process to sign bilateral labour agreements with Turkey and Poland with a vision to send workers to those destinations that guarantee to provide minimum wages to migrants. The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, informed that the ministry has forwarded proposals to the respective nations.

The Ministry informed about their exchange of Memorandum of Understandings(MoU) with Turkey last mont and also gave utterance on soon forwarding a draft of MoU with the Poland officials as well. Ministry also conveyed a message of positive response since both the nations are positive about signing a labour pact with Nepal. Turkey and Poland have both mentioned about its willingness to hire Nepali migrant workers praising the honesty and hardworking nature of Nepalese.

Earlier, Nepal and Turkey had held talks to hire Nepali migrant workers through government to government (G2G) model for various technical and non-technical jobs. However, negotiations are still underway. At present, Turkish and Polish companies recruit Nepali workers through various resource and manpower agencies. It has been rumours that Nepali recruitment agencies have been selecting workers by charging a hefty amount of money from the willing workers. Likewise, many people reportedly fly to Turkey and Poland with fake documents every year.

According to the labour ministry, when signing a labour agreement with Turkey and Poland, the government will focus on including major provisions of existing labour pacts that have been signed with other countries, like supplying workers at zero cost. Moreover, it will ensure that the migrants are provided the minimum wages. 

The government will ensure the employer firms in both Turkey and Poland bear recruitment service charges, two-way airfare, visa fee, health check-up fee, security screening and levy charges of Nepali migrants, among others. The destination countries' firms or the countries themselves will also have to bear all expenses related to accommodation and provide security at the workplace, among others, during the contract period.

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