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The IPL 2019 finals today, Who will hold the title?

The title match of the Indian Premier League (IPL) Cricket Championship is taking place today. Today for the title match of the 12th edition of IPL, the present title holder Chennai Super Kings(CSK) is going against the Mumbai Indians(MI) at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad, 7:45PM today. Which team will the title? So far, both the teams have won IPL's tile for three-three times each.

According to the ongoing IPL, Mumbai has been deemed stronger than Chennai. Mumbai and Chennai have already competed in three games in the ongoing IPL. Mumbai defeated Chennai in all three matches. Mumbai beat Chennai by 37 runs in the first home game of League Phase. In the previous game, Mumbai defeated Chennai by 46 runs. Similarly, in the first round of qualifier, Mumbai defeated Chennai by 6 wickets again.

Chennai is aiming to settle the scores & paybacks for the loss of league phase and playoff matches against Mumbai. Meanwhile, Mumbai will be defend by defeating Chennai to hold the title. Mumbai defeated Chennai in the Playoff qualifiers to reach the finals whereas it took Chennai a second qualifying effort to defeat Delhi for entering the finals of the IPL.

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