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The Jankai Nawami Mahotsav to be celebrated as a magnanimous festivity

This time 'Janaki Nawami' is forecasted to be celebrated in a grand scale as 'Maha Mahotsav' in Janakpurdham. Celebrated till a week's end specific scholars and saints from India will also participate in Maha Mahotsav in Nepal. A diverse engagement will be found on that very day of the Mahotsav. Activity has been started since 22nd Baisakh to celebrate Janaki Nawami, a new celebration of Maha Mohotsav.

'Ram Katha Prawachan' , 'Nawaha Ramayan Paath' & 'Bidhai Mangal Gaan' are among holy rituals performed and initiated since day 1 as per the successor of Janaki Temple Mahant RamRoshan Daas. President Vidya Devi Bhandari will also come to show the involvement in the Mahamhotsav. The Mahostav will go on continuously from Baisakh 30 to Jestha 4. 'Dudhmati Sahi Snaan', 'Janaki Nawami Mahotsav', 'Ramayan Mela', 'Jankai Janma Sobha Yatra', ' Jankai Janma Sandhya Aarati' & 'Janaki Janma Sankritik Gaan' are among the religious gestures that are to be show cased on the 30th Baisakh.

Similarly on this occasion, scholars and poet conference, Mithila cultural evening and marital ceremony will be organized on the 31st Baisakh. Whereas on 1st Jestha, a Ramyan based Q/A Tournament and the Mithila cultural wedding festival will be organized. The Mithila painting exhibition and cultural program on the regional language will initiate on the second day of Jestha. Free health camps related to kidney and liver along side a cultural program of regional language will be done on the third day of Jestha. Whereas, Janaki Janma Chathihaar(Nwaran) will be organized in the sanctuary of Janaki temple on the same day.

Jagatguru Dr. Krishnadasji Maharaj from Chataradham, Sunsari, Laxmankila, Maithiliraman Sharanji Maharaj from Ayodhya, India, Rajkumar Das from Baranashi, Kashi, Janmajay Sharan from Janakaighat, Ayodhya, Shrimaaj gaad guru Ramanuacharya Swami Ramkishnacharya, Swami Harisharanjee Maharaj and Swami Ramkripal Das from Brindawaan are among the saints scholars and holy men to attend and engage in the magnanimous festivity of the 'Janaki Mahaotsav'. Mr. Pradeep Giri the elected Member of the Parliment of the Siraha-1 will also attend the celebration.

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