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Two Indians Dead, a Chilean missing during the Kanchanjunga Expedition

Two Indian climbers died on Wednesday night in the arena to climb the world's third highest summit, Mt. Kanchanjunga. The sales & marketing director of Peak Promotion Pvt. Ltd, Kathmandu confirmed the death of the mountaineers. 48-year-old Biplav Vaidya, and 46-year-old Kuntal Karar, of India are dead during the climb. The agency confirmed the death of Kuntal Karar during the climb around the eight thousand meters while Viplav Vaidya died while descending from the climb. They were unable to continue their descent from near the summit due to altitude ailments, hypothermia and snowblindness, Peak Promotion Pvt Ltd reported. 

Similarly, the South American native Rodrigo Vivanco citizen of Chile has gone missing from the Camp IV, Mt Kanchenjunga since last evening during the descent. The search for missing Rodrigo is going on. Meanwhile, the bodies of Indians will be brought to the second camp on Friday and here on the helicopter will be bring the dead to Kathmandu.

In this season, four mountaineering groups had left for Kanchanjunga from this company. Three were a total of 23 climbers. Among whom, two Indian climbers and a German mountaineer also suffered from serious frostbite will be evacuated from the high camp as early as possible via Helicopter.

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