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Why data breach happens ?

Gyanmandu: Data breach is nothing but criminal act of stealing data from any individual or organization that contains valuable items. These breach are carried sometimes to get ransom from big organization or they may sell these data to other organization that can get some benefit.

Hacker's try to get access inside a company's network via weakly protected employee machine, some loophole in the network configuration or any unknown malicious email, which then spread across the whole network eventually getting access to their target server or database.

Similarly your ATM pin / OTP / Password can be access by scammer and payment card fraud due to individual error. We can consider following things to stay away from such breaches.
  • Strong passwords protection
  • Use Password manager
  • Security patch or updates in servers
  • Do not share any payment card details with any unknown caller or person 
  • Use two factor authentication
-Suraj Upadhaya

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